Drive Unit
XC-G500-Y Control Switch Panel for XC-G & XC-K AC-Servo

* It is possible to call up the required parameter in a single operation by the "Parameter Setup" key.
* When a parameter is changed, a dot appears to indicate that the parameter has already been changed.
* Two types of setting data can be saved in one XC-G500-Y control switch panel.
* The kind of the program key has been increased from one kind to three kinds.
Item XC-G500-Y
Number of display digits 5 digits
Stitching Straight lock stitching installed
Start/End Back tacking 6types
Stitching with fixed stitches 1-9999stitches
Stitching with fixed stitches Continuous pattern Max. 8 pattern,Max 25 process
according to program
Start/End Back tacking 6types
Up/down counter with alarm setting One counter each(display is 4 digits)
Trimming cancel key installed
Automatic key installed
Additional input key installed
Parameter of control box copy function installed
Additional LED display installed

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