Electronically Controlled Pattern Sewing Machines
Extra-large Sized Pattern Sewing Machine

* Ultra-large stitching area
Suitable for sewing of "Air-Bag", "Car-Sheet", etc.
* Dedicated cloth holder mechanism
  Adoption of exclusive X-Y drive mechanism for extra large sewing enables the usage of clamping system even made by solid steel material.
Easy mounting / removing type clamping system "such as cassette type etc." is realised.
Sewing type Single needle, Lockstitch
Sewing area 500mm x 500mm
Max. sewing speed 2,000rpm (Sewing speed may be limited by the operation, material or clamp mass.)
Stitch length 0.1 - 12.7mm (minimum resolution 0.1)
Pattern data storage media Internal memory / or 3.5"2HD Floppy disc
Max. number of stitches 8,000/pattern
Scale-up/down function 10 - 200% for each X. & Y. axis(0.1 increment/step)
Needle DPx17#18
Hook Large size, oscillating shuttle hook
Main driving motor LIMISERVO X 550W
Power 220 - 240V, Single or 3-phase, 0.7KVA (standard)
110 - 120V, 380 - 415V, 0.7KVA (optional)
Measurement W1,390mm D1,860mm H1,290mm
Mass 470kg

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