Electronically Controlled Pattern Sewing Machines
Compact Type Pattern Sewing Machine(for Thick Material)

* Easy-to-use E Series functions are incorporated
* Compatible with extra thick materials
  Suitable for stitching safety belts, slings, bags, tents, backpacks, sheets, loading container belts, etc.
* With ultra-thick thread trimmer
  With ultra-thick needle thread/bobbin thread trimmer using heat cutter
Model PLK-E1008H PLK-E2008H
Stitch type Single-needle Lock-stitch
Sewing Area (X)100mm ,
(X)200mm ,
Max. speed(rpm) 700
Speed step(rpm) 200 - 700(10steps)
Feeding system Intermittent
Stitch length(mm) 0.1 - 12.7(minimum resolution 0.1)
Thread trimming method Heat cut method
Memory medium Memory built into control box
and Floppy disc
Max. stitches 8,000/pattern
Zoom/reduce function 10 to 200% for both X and Y axes (variable in 0.1% steps)
Needle Schmetz794#230
Hook Barrel shuttle hook
Needle bar stroke 56.6mm
Work holder lift amount 20mm
Presser foot lift amount 16mm
Presser foot drive Pneumatic
Spindle motor LIMISERVO X 550W
Power supply Single phase 100VAC 50/60Hz 0.7KVA with single-phase power supply unit
Three-phase 200VAC 50/60Hz 0.7KVA
External dimensions W 1,200mm x D 780mm x H 1,320mm
Mass(kg) 172

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