Electronically Controlled Pattern Sewing Machines
Bartacking Machine

* High speed
  Max. Sewing Speed : 2,500rpm
Achieved high productivity with 10%
increased sewing speed and faster feeding speed
compared with the previous model.
* 16 Kinds of patterns
  These patterns is input in Floppy Disk as a standard.
* The simple program controller function
  Up to 16 input and output signals can be programmed to a sewing operation.
* Comfortable environment
  Well known MITSUBISHI LIMI SERVO-X MOTOR is applied as the main driving motor.
1 Large bartacking
4 types
2 Small bartacking
2 types
3 Eyelet bartacking
3 types
4 Fabric bartacking
3 types
5 Line bartacking
4 types



Stitch Type Single needle,lockstitch
Sewing Area (X)30mm,(Y)30mm
Max. Sewing Speed 2,500rpm
(Sewing speed may be limited by the operation,
material or clamp mass.)
Sewing speed selection 200 - 2,500rpm(10 steps variable)
Feeding system Intermittent or continuous
Stitch length 0.1 - 12.7mm(minimum resolution 0.1mm)
Pattern data storage media Internal memory or 3.5"2HD Floppy disc.
Max. number of stitches 8,000 stitches/pattern
Scale-up/down function 10 - 200% for each X. & Y. axis
(0.1% increment/step)
Hook Shuttle hook(Standard size)
Needle DPx5#16(Standard)
Work holder lift Max. 15mm
Design input Liquid crystal touch pad display panel
Main driving motor Limi-servo X 550W
Power 220-240V, 1 or 3phase, 0.7KVA(standard)
110-120V, 380-415V, 0.7KVA(optional)
Measurement W1,200mm D740mm H1,220mm
Mass 113kg
Option : Liquid crystal touch pad display panel(PLK-E-PAL)

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