Lock-stitch Machine
Single Needle Lock-stitch Machine
(Upper and Lower Feed Cylinder bed type)

* A 47mm cylinder is realized with the under-bed hook. This reduces the bobbin replacement frequency, and is optimum for detailed stitching.
* Touch back is mounted as a standard simplifying tacking work.
* The alternating amount can be changed with a dial, so changes in the stitching material can be swiftly handled
* The high long arm increases the under-arm space making stitching of bags and sacks more productive
* LIMISERVO motor mounted further enhancing compact size, light Mass and functions
Applications Heavy
Max. speed(rpm) 2,000
Max. stitch length(mm) 7
Presser-foot stroke(mm) Knee/Hand:15/6
Needle DPx17#22(DBx1#22)
Hook Large
Mass(kg) 40

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