Basting Machine
(Single needle, lockstitch basting and tacking)

  Basting Machine(Flat bed type)
  Basting Machine(Post bed type)

* Start and halt of sewing machine are of pedal system.
  One-stitching sewing and continuous sewing can be operated simply with only pedaling.
* Yielding rubber is used in the presser bar and the needle bar.
  Yielding rubber absorbs the shock of rocking motion of the presser bar.
* Presser lifting volume is 16mm enough.
  Traveling of goods to be sewn even as such a thick one as shoulder pad can be done smoothly.
* Sewing condition is excellent on thin to thick materials.
  It can be applied on wide range of goods to be sewn.
* Post bed type [Model LX5-871-M0]
  It is the most suitable sewing machine for such process as roundish collar, shoulder and sleeve attaching.
* Flat bed type [Model LX2-371-M0]
  It is the most suitable for wide range of goods to be sewn.
Model LX2-371-M0 LX5-871-M0
Stitch type Single needle lockstitch
Type of bed Flat bed type Post bed type
Sewing speed 650rpm
Hook Vertical hook Horizontal hook
Needle bar stroke 35mm
Presser foot stroke 16mm
Activation halt Pedal operation system
Thread take-up lever Link type thread take-up lever
Lubrication Oiling system partially drip-feed style
Needle MTx190#16
Table for basting
Bed dimensions 475 x 178mm 517 x 178mm
Height of post - 178mm
Mass 30kg 39kg

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