Two tandem needle compound-feed lockstitch
LU2-4430-B1T-BFSS (Binder specifications)

* Two lockstitch creates strong stitches
  Two tandem needles, incorporated for the first time with the lockstitch machine,create a stitch that overlaps the two lockstitches and brings the sewn fabric closer together. A strong stitch is sewn by combining a hitch stitch with a perfect stitch, which prevents the knot from stretching even if the stitches split. Quality and workability are greatly improved as the stitches do not split easily, and items packed in bags do not split out as easily. (Patent pending)
* Double needle stitches even at extra-narrow widths
  Double needle stitching at a width extremely close to 0 is possible by stitching at the same pitch as the needle width while shifting the two needles ever so slightly. This stitching method, which conventionally could not be used, will expand originality when sewing. (Extra gauge exchange is necessary.)
* Handling method similar to the LU2-4400 series
  The basic handling methods are the same as the LU2-4400 series, allowing this model to be replaced with models currently used for fabric sewing processes. Work efficiency will not drop even when this model is newly introduced.
* Strong stitches even for piping specifications
  High quality stitching is possible for piping with the movable binder attachment which enables piping to be stitched neatly with strong holding stitches which do not split easily.

Model LU2-4430-B1T-SS  LU2-4430-B1T-BFSS
Maximum stitching speed 2,000rpm
Maximum stitch length 6mm
Thread trimmer installed
Movable binder attachment - installed
Applicable needles DPx17#18 to #21 (standard #19)
Vertical needle width 5mm
Horizontal needle width from 0mm
* Refer to the LU2-4430 page for the other specifications.

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