Lock-stitch Machine with Automatic Undertrimmer
High speed single Needle Lock-stitch with automatic lublication

* Maximum speed of 5,500 rpm
* Less vibration and noise
  The special needle bar made from alloy aluminum effects to reduce the running vibration and noise.
* Standardized edge guide mounting adapter
  The steel made edge guide mounting adapter is provided so that the durability of the screw hole has been improved and the exchange work becomes more easier.
* Large resinous nut for thread tension regulator
  Equipped with large resinous nut for easy adjustment of the thread tension regulator.
* Changed the shape of the stitch length adjusting dial
  Improved the touch and handling of the dial by gaining the thickness of the dial.
* Added the nut on the foot presser adjusting screw
  In order to prevent the foot presser from changing during the sewing operation, the nut has been added on the foot presser adjusting screw for its locking..
* Provided the fancy thread stand and belt cover
  The pipe type fancy thread stand and resinous belt cover have been provided as a standard accessory.
Item LS2-1150-M0B
Applications Standard(Medium & Heavy)
Max.speed(rpm) 5,500
Max.stitch length(mm) 5
Needle bar stroke(mm) 31.8
Thread take-up stroke(mm) 58
Foot lifting stroke(mm) Knee/Hand:13/6
Needle DBx1 #14
Rotating hook Standard hook
Feed dog Three row
Stitch regulator Dial type
Reverse sewing Lever type
Lublication Automatic lublication (Centrifugal impeller pump system)
Return oil device Plunger pump system
Hook lublication control Screw adjustment type
Machine table NL type (Bed measurements 475X178mm)
Machine motor Mitsubishi clutch motor 250W or 400W
Mass (kg) 26

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