Sofware package for creating sewing data

Introducing new pattern input software!
* Windows®7 compatibility
  Now supporting the Windows®7 operating system. Use the same icons as those for the Mitsubishi Electric electronic sewing machine operating panel immediately after installation.
* Simultaneous CAD/CAM date input
  Simultaneously input individual functions such as stitch length, speed and code while inputting the shape.
* Compatible with A,B,E and G Series Machines
  This unit can be used together with the A,B,E and G series of Mitsubishi Electric electronic sewing machines, making it possible to read, correct and write data (A and BA date are read only).
* Direct conversion to stitching date
  External data such as BMP, JPEG, DXF and embroidery can be imported and directly converted into stitching data.
*Some restrictions apply for data conversion. Please refer to the product instruction manual before using the machine.
* Sewing machine automation reduces cycle time
  Easily input and edit automated device operation at the same time as stitching data.

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