Lock-stitch Machine with Automatic Undertrimmer
Single Needle Lock-stitch Machine with Automatic Undertrimmer
(Upper and Lower Feed type(High and Long Arm))
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* The high long arm increases the under-arm space making stitching of bags and sacks more productive
* The alternating amount can be changed with a dial, so changes in the stitching material can be swiftly handled
* Thick threads up to #6 can be cut
* LIMISERVO motor mounted further enhancing compact size, light Mass and functions
Key Features
single needle Vertical hook Upper and lower Lockstitch Heavy material Trimming High long arm
Needle Direct
Hook Press Feeding
Stitch Needl
Trimming Operation
Applications Heavy
Max. speed(rpm) 2,000
Max. stitch length(mm) 8
Presser-foot stroke(mm) Knee/Hand:16/6
Needle DPx17#22(DBx1#22)
Hook Large
Touch back installed
Control switch panel Option:XC-G500-Y
Automatic lifter Option:LE-FA
Mass(kg) 39

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