Short thread tail device for LU2-4410
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* Suitable for cost reduction and quality improvement in car seat production.
* This device eliminates the need for additional hand trimming of the tail lengths.
* Specifically designed for installation on the LU2-4410 only.
set aft bfr
Rear view of
LU-ST Kit Installation
After Before
Max stitch length 8mm
Air inlet (Diameter) 8mm
Correspondence model LU2-4410
1.This device is designed to effectively shorten the tail lengths after trimming.
2.The LU-ST kit attaches to the machine without any casting modifications. (Note 1)
3.The elimination of additional hand trimming will increase production.
4.Any damage to sewn parts caused by hand trimming will be eliminated.
5.The Mitsubishi genuine knife mechanism provides a reliable and durable trim function.
(Note 1) Limited to sewing machine head serial No. 55 * * * * and above. (Manufactured in May 1995)
The servo controller XC-FMFY or XC-GMFYmust be used.
The servo controller XC-EMFY can be used under limited function
The following models come already assembled with the short tail function.
Sophisticated type-----LU2-4652-B1T

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